03 July 2018

MyHeritage Clarification and 4th July Open Access for US Newspapers

If you have a family tree at My Heritage, I do with 136 people, you probably get periodic messages about newly found relatives. I included the tree on MyHeritage to help make DNA connections. It is not my primary database so my intention was to only include direct ancestors. Making sure the information for all the people MyHeritage found in side branches was correct, especially ancestors of spouses with no genetic connection to me, was more than I could afford time for.

I was concerned that when getting a notification clicking on confirm would add all those peripheral (to me) people automatically to my tree. Daniel Horowitz was kind enough to take the time to show me confirmation does not automatically add it to your website; there's a second step— you need to approve and go over the details. Hopefully that may be helpful to some, or am I the only one concerned?

In other news from MyHeritage, from July 3, 2018 through July 8, 2018 they are providing free access to all 23,385,114 U.S. newspaper records. Read about it here.


Toni said...

Can you approve without being a paid subscriber? I know I can't do something, maybe confirm a tree match??

Celtictwigs said...

Thanks. You are not the only one with this concern.

Sophronia said...

You cannot search for free without signing up for a free trail at the end of which your credit card will be charged for a subscription if you fail to remember to cancel before the end of the free trial. I abhor this type of 'open access' and the companies that insist on offering them. This is a warning -- don't get caught!