01 July 2018

Your Genealogy Today: July/August 2018

Here's the line-up in the latest issue of Your Genealogy Today from Moorshead Magazines.

COVER STORY: Circular Genealogy 
George G. Morgan looks at how you can review and plan your genealogy research with an eye on targeting success!
Comment: Details approaches for a genealogy do-over.

Genealogy & the Law
Judy G. Russell looks at a memorial erected for 195 American war dead on Nova Scotia's Melville Island.

Celebrating Sherwood Inn with Family Memories
Andrew Hind looks back at one family’s connection to a famed Muskoka, Ontario resort.
Comment: An example of how a property/business can frame a family history story.

Working Around the 1890 Census Disaster
David A. Norris looks at how to work around the loss of records using other resources
Comment: There's a one in ten thousand chance the record for someone in the 1890 US census survived. For the rest here's advice on substitutes to fill the void of its destruction.

Advice From the Pros
Diane L. Richard suggests looking at your ancestors’ FAN club to see how they lived
Comment: Ledgers as sources.

Genealogy on the Rocks!
Sue Lisk recommends that family historians need to pay attention and listen intently before plunging ahead
Comment: Another charming story by Sue Lusk, this about her Pontiac (Quebec) roots.

Finding Balkan Roots
Ron Verzuh embarks on a search for family beginnings in Croatia
Comment: The challenge of pursuing family history in the aftermath of civil war.

Researching Foreign Ancestors
Elizabeth Jones offers tips and suggestions to assist you with researching ancestors located in far-off lands

In Other Words: A Question of Translation
Sue Lisk suggests doing your homework before hiring a translator to assist you in your document translation needs
Comment: A linguist, Sue Lisk appears to be writing from experience.

Language & Genealogy
Gena Philibert-Ortega looks at the pedigree chart

Between The Pages Of A Book: Unusual Places To Look For Family Treasures
Leslie Michele Derrough suggests you might find some remarkable keepsakes among your ancestor’s belongings

The Back Page
Dave Obee says: “Don’t overlook the visuals when planning a presentation!”
Comment: Hear, hear!

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EXcuse my ignorance but is Your Genealogy Today magazine a tangible one or is on-line. If its tangible, how much is it and where can I go to subscribe.