30 July 2018

The History of Canada’s National Flag

The Historical Society of Ottawa celebrated Canada's sesquicentennial, and the fiftieth anniversary of the maple leaf flag, by publishing
Controversy, Compromise and Celebration: The History of Canada’s National Flag.
My friend Glenn Wright, the author, will be signing copies of his book, the definitive history, on Wednesday 1 August, 11 am - 1 pm at Prospero Books, 128 Bank Street in Ottawa.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for this John. As a young immigrant to Canada in 1947 after the war, his divorced mother having fallen in love with an RCAF Lancaster Bomber pilot, my late husband Ed was a thoroughly pro-Canadian fellow. An uncle through his new Canadian Dad offered to send him to MIT for an education in engineering, but Ed chose to stay in Canada and was lucky in getting a place at RMC. He would have liked to read this book, and so will I!!!! Cheers, BT