22 July 2018

Sunday Sundries

Miscellaneous items I found of interest during the week.

BBC Reith Lectures
Managing the Unmanageable
In the fourth lecture for 2018 historian Margaret MacMillan assesses how the law and international agreements have attempted to address conflict. Speaking to an audience at the Northern Irish Parliament Buildings at Stormont in Belfast, Professor MacMillan outlines how both states and the people have sought to justify warfare - from self-defence to civil war - focusing on examples from Irish and British history.

Land of the Lost: Digital Projects and Longevity
Digital permanence and historical digital projects. - includes a list of 16 Favourite Digital Projects and 4 Chronic Offenders (CBC Digital Archives, Canadiana, Library and Archives Canada,
Virtual Museum of Canada’s older Community Stories).

Why Digital Archives Expand Access and Awareness
Top Tips for Research Trips: Making the Most of Your Visit to the Archives
The Home Guard
Do you really need to properly eject a USB drive before yanking it out?
Illiberal, authoritarian government .. China and the USA
PBS Announces Fall 2018 Primetime Schedule
Omega 3 supplements don’t protect against heart disease – new review
How sweet it isn't

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