06 July 2018

The Genealogist adds 116,218 records to the Poll Book collection

Below is news from The Genealogist about additions to the Poll Book collection.

The database allows researchers to:
● Discover ancestors who had the vote
● Find where they were registered to cast their ballot
● Discover the nature of their qualification to vote, such as possessing a Corn Warehouse, a
Workshop, a House, or owning a Brewhouse
● These Poll Books range from 1705 to the 1830s.

The records cover 18 different registers of people who were entitled to vote in between 1705 and the
1830s and covers constituencies situated in Abingdon, Bristol, Hampshire, Somerset, Suffolk,
Maidstone, Norfolk, Northamptonshire, Worcestershire and York.

These records have been transcribed by volunteers at UKindexer.co.uk which brings
benefits to the volunteers as well as the wider family history community.

They join the millions of electoral resources on TheGenealogist which include Electoral registers,
Voters lists and Absentee Voters.

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