05 July 2018

BCGS to produce e-Journal

The following is an announcement from the British Columbia Genealogical Society.

The BCGS Board of Directors has determined that it is time to develop an electronic journal in place of our current printed quarterly of the British Columbia Genealogist - often referred to as the "Journal".
There are a number of significant pressures driving this change, most importantly (1) the need to spruce up and modernize the journal as a major outreach tool for the Society; (2) continuing budgetary increases in the cost of producing and mailing a hard copy journal; and (3) very significant savings to the Society.
It is also interesting to observe that more and more requests are being received from other genealogical societies in our exchange portfolio who want only an e-format journal.
To help us make this decision, a survey was conducted in July of 2017. Responses indicated that 86% of the members preferred an electronic publication. The results of the survey were then presented to members at the following monthly meeting.
We are preparing to transition to the electronic version of the Journal in September of 2018.

Comment:  Here's the state of Canadian Genealogical/Family History Society "journals"

British Columbia Genealogical Society -- now moving to digital
Alberta Genealogical Society -- print and digital with discount for no print
Alberta Family Histories Society -- digital
Saskatchewan Genealogical Society -- print ?
Manitoba Genealogical Society -- digital
Ontario Genealogical Society -- digital
British Isles Family History Society of Greater Ottawa -- print and digital
Quebec Family History Society -- no information
New Brunswick Genealogical Society -- print
Genealogical Association of Nova Scotia -- digital
Prince Edward Island Genealogical Society -- newsletter - print?
Family History Society of Newfoundland and Labrador Inc. -- print

Some society websites are not clear about the format.

Thanks to Wayne Shepheard for corrections

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David Pike said...

A slight correction: FHSNL's journal is available in both print and digital formats.