19 July 2018

Findmypast and Living DNA partnership

It's announced. Both companies are British. Individually they have strength the other can't match so they're a good complement.

The FAQ includes the rationale.

Why has Findmypast chosen to partner with Living DNA now?
We’ve made every effort to find a DNA company to partner with that provides the most benefit for those looking to explore their British and Irish roots. The unique British and Irish regional breakdown Living DNA provides makes this possible, perfectly combining with our unrivaled collection of British and Irish historical records. It’s this powerful combination that makes this partnership the perfect marriage of science and history.

Hopefully the partnership will bring Living DNA clients more than ancestral regions. The ability to connect with living relatives has been long promised. The announcement claims that's COMING SOON. "Our intuitive matching system will take the hard work out of building a family tree. You can even contact living relatives if you both choose to do so. All at no extra cost."

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