24 July 2018

MyHeritage Live, in Oslo

I'm skeptical that anyone reading this intends being in Oslo, Norway, on the weekend of 2–4 November 2018 for an event hosted by MyHeritage. There's a stellar array of guest speakers in three lecture tracks: Genealogy, DNA, and workshops – including from the US: Dick Eastman, Thomas MacEntee, Diahan Southard, Roberta Estes, Lisa Louise Cooke, Prof. Yaniv Erlich, Geoff Rasmussen, Mike Mansfield.

Please find more at https://blog.myheritage.com/2018/07/youre-invited-to-myheritages-international-user-conference/.

Do let me know if you're going. I may have a bonus for you.

BTW:  I continue gaining in respect for My Heritage resources. Recently I was impressed by the capabilities demonstrated in Everything you need to know about Genealogical Charts and Reports
by Uri Gonen of MyHeritage. Uri, a Canadian living in Torotno, will also be speaking in Oslo.

Can we look forward to a MyHeritage Live in Canada some day?

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