16 July 2018

Digital Toronto and Ontario City Directories

On 9 July from the Toronto Public Library, Local History & Genealogy Digital City Directories - A Great Resource to Research the History of Ontario Places. It includes links to Toronto directories published from 1833 to 1969 digitized by the TPL. Also sources for other Ontario communities, more than 1,000 digital Ontario city directories originally published between 1853 and 2013, including local initiatives by the Burlington and Oshawa Public Libraries.

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Dave Allston said...

I keep waiting for the day when someone finally scans and publishes more Ottawa city directories online. Several years ago the Toronto Public Library did that handful of editions from 1909-1923, and LAC has almost the full run up to 1899, but it would be nice to have a lot more online! Every time I read a headline or article like yours, I excitedly hope they've added more online. Someday soon, hopefully. Cheers!