26 September 2018

1926 Census: some light shed

Apparently indexing on the 1926 Census of the Prairie Provinces is 86% complete and reviewing 78% done as of 25 September.

Gloria Tubman contacted me with this information following the previous blog post.

I asked Gloria how she knew. She told me she was doing a search on familysearch.org for an Alberta person and received a pop-up inviting her to index the 1926 census. Apparently the indexing wasn't difficult, the online form was user friendly and she completed the 50 lines of a page in about 45 minutes. The handwriting on the two pages she indexed, one for Winnipeg, the other for Edmonton, was mostly very legible.

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Jackie Corrigan said...

I've been indexing this census as well. Well-designed and easy to do. Can't wait for it to be released.