26 September 2018

1926 Census: still in the dark

Asked on Tuesday LAC staff continued being very closed mouth about progress on the indexing and availability of the 1926 census of the Prairie Provinces.

Although other sources have revealed that the census is being indexed by volunteers from FamilySearch there has been no statement to that effect from LAC. Asked specifically LAC staff in a position to know did not deny that is the case. Perhaps LAC Communications is dictating keeping a tight reign on information -- the tail wagging the dog.

As I wrote previously "Digital microfilm could have been quickly produced and made available online as soon as the transfer date arrived. Why was this not done allowing public release as soon as possible and various indexing initiatives, including crowdsourcing, to occur?" Some of the best indexing of some previous Canadian censuses was produced by online crowdsource indexing projects of automatedgenealogy.

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Sophronia said...

Heaven help us! What FamilySearch has online for Census Records now is most often inaccurate and usually lacking relevant information. I certainly hope that the powers that be will eventually allow images online so that we can see what information was really recorded. What was done by Automated Genealogy for previous census records is well done and very accurate. Why let some US firm do it? Why not the Canadian volunteers?