01 September 2018

Your Genealogy Today Sept/Oct 2018

Here are the contents of the Sept/Oct 2018 issue. No comments owing to my travel schedule.

COVER STORY: Opening Pandora's Box 
Robbie Gorr offers six keys to unlocking hidden truths about your family

Shades of Gray
Sue Lisk suggests five ways to tackle the uncertainty that family historians are often faced within their research

Language & Genealogy
Gena Philibert-Ortega looks at GPS: Genealogical Proof Standard

Tools of All Kinds for Jacks-of-All-Trades
David A. Norris says you can learn about your ancestors' lives from the contents of their toolsheds

Circus and Vaudeville: A Family Act
Richard H. Goms Jr. researches his entertainer ancestors through a variety of sources

Helicopter Genealogy
Sue Lisk recommends five tactical maneuvers to help you achieve your research goals

The Story of Rachel
Diane L. Richard looks at manumission

Book Review: The Debatable Land
Christine Woodcock reviews Graham Robb's discovery of  Scotland's Borders region

Cathedrals, Crypts, and the Family Tree
Stephen Muff says if you are seeking a saintly line, don't overlook sacred spaces around the world

DNA & Genealogy
Diahan Southard explains XDNA and how it can help in your DNA research

The Back Page
Dave Obee recommends treading carefully when contacting matches

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