14 September 2018

Findmypast Friday 14 September

England & Wales Electoral Registers 1920-1932

Over 53 million indexed England and Wales Electoral Registers covering the 1920s and early 1930s are now available to search. Improved access to these important documents will enable you to bridge the vital gap left by the destruction of the 1931 census of England & Wales. Combined with the 1911 Census and 1939 Register, today's release means that Findmypast is now able provide you with unrivalled record coverage for early 20th century Britain, helping you to trace ancestors across a period of history that has traditionally been problematic for many researchers.

The new collection, England & Wales Electoral Registers 1920-1932, has been created by reprocessing the original documents in order to improve image quality. Findmypast has also developed a new process for picking out individual names, allowing this vast bank of records to be searched with greater accuracy than ever before, in a similar way to other indexed collections currently available on the Findmypast.

Searches now also cover all of England and Wales electoral registers,  listings of all those registered to vote in a particular area. These newly indexed records were taken from Findmypast's wider collection of British Library Electoral Registers, over 220 million of which are also available to search in PDF format.

Jersey, German Occupation Identity Cards 1940-1945

This collection has over 62,000 transcripts,  taken from originals documents housed at Jersey Archives created under instruction from the German occupying authorities, through the Registration and Identification of Persons (Jersey) Order, 1940. 

Jersey, German Occupation Prosecutions 1940-1945

Discover details of their accused crimes and sentences in this collection of more than 800 transcriptions from original court documentation. Punishment varied and was undertaken by the German military authorities. Many who were given long sentences were deported to the continent, some of these people never returned.

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