18 April 2021

Loyalist Cemeteries of Eastern Ontario

Sacred Ground, Loyalist Cemeteries of Eastern Ontario, Volume One by Stuart Lyall Manson describes six notable loyalist cemeteries situated in the Eastern Ontario counties of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry. 

They are: Trinity Anglican (Cornwall); St. Andrew’s Roman Catholic (St. Andrew’s West); Iroquois Point (Iroquois); Knox-St. Andrew’s United (Bainsville); Maple Grove (Cornwall), and the Pioneer Memorial (South Dundas).

A chapter for each gives a historical overview and chronicles the life and times of many pioneer men and women who laid the foundation for future settlements in the loyalist townships and counties of Eastern Ontario. 

Even if you don't have Loyalist ancestors the information gleaned from this book could enrich a history-themed visit to the area—when we're able to make trips again.

Published this year by Global Heritage Press, this is the first in a planned series.

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Unknown said...

You are right, John. "Even if you don't have Loyalist ancestors the information gleaned from this book could enrich a history-themed...". I purchased this book several weeks ago and there is so much terrific context. My 5th great grandmother was Mary Burke Bingham and she is buried in St. Andrew's West. The book gives a history of the church which is really interesting. The parish burial register has the information that Mary died in 1807. I have been research where her husband, Daniel Bingham is buried. The book may give me a clue as to what might have happened. It says that in 1882, some of the bodies in the old cemetery were moved to the new cemetery. "In so doing, some of the tombstones connected with the original burial were lost." I'm not sure why it would not have been in the church register, except he did relocate to Osnabruck, so the hunt continues.