17 April 2021

Using Your Genealogy Skills To Help Solve Crimes

Last Wednesday the BIFHSGO London SIG heard how advice from a retired police officer helped a genealogist solve a knotty ancestry problem.

There's a switch about. According to an announcement in OGS Newsleaf the Toronto Police have contacted OGS President Heather McTavish Taylor to "ascertain if there are any interested genealogists amongst our ranks, that would be interested in applying to be part of a pool that would be drawn upon, to help clear this backlog of cases. They are looking for 10-50 people to potentially work 20 hours per week in a paid capacity. They have warned that this is not for everyone. Some of these cases are gruesome."

Heather is collecting a list of names of interested parties for submission by Wednesday, April 21st, 2021 at noon.

If you feel that you have an interest, a skill set or a desire to use your genealogy passion to fight crimes, then please email Heather to indicate your intention to apply at Heather.McTavish.Taylor@ogs.on.ca/.

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