20 April 2021

The NEW Anglo Celtic Connections is Here


That's the address for the new website for this blog. New host company. New design. New content every day as before.

Content has been duplicated on both sites for most of April and will be linked for a few more days. 

If you want to receive a daily email, with snippets of the new posts, you will need to subscribe in the sidebar of the new site. It's via MailChimp which in my experience is quite reliable. You should receive the daily update around 7 am - in time for breakfast reading. One of the reasons for the change is that the old email delivery was proving unreliable. It's being phased out.

If you subscribe and don't receive the daily email check your Spam folder. If you have other folders, like Promotions, check those too. The technology is too smart by half. Add the email address to your contacts or white list, or click that it's "not spam."

With 15 years of content that can be searched the old site will remain. I often find information to help a failing memory. You'll find a link to the old site on the new page.


glassgal said...

Tried to subscribe to the new blog but your ink isn't working for me.

Ed Chadwick said...

No problem subscribing to the new -- and very attractive -- website! I am happy to learn that you are carrying on, the genealogy community appreciates all your efforts to keep us informed.

AC said...

John - there is a typo in the "new site" link - missing a "c" in the middle.

JDR said...

Thanks for finding that AC. Much appreciated.

Alison said...

Very slick and signing up was very easy.