11 April 2021

Sunday Sundries

Miscellaneous items I found of interest during the week.

Equal opportunity insults

Digital Jigsaw Puzzles – US National Library Week Edition

The Flu in Halifax
Blog posts Halifax Municipal Archives: Finding the Spanish Flu in Archival Records and The History of Spanish Influenza in Halifax serve to highlight that Halifax is not well served by digitized newspapers.

180-Year-Old Diary Records a Couple's Passage by Ship from London to Vancouver

Art, Oral History and Ireland’s Mother and Baby Homes

Prince Philip dies: his marriage to the Queen and their part in 1,000 years of European royal dynastic history

Danish West Indies Records Just Launched on Ancestry
Danish West Indies, Birth, Marriage and Death Records, 1820-1909 (in Danish), 57,415 records
Danish West Indies, Records and Documents Relating to General Governance, 1755-1916 (in Danish), 54,461records
Danish West Indies Census, 1841-1901 (in Danish), 313,071 records.

Thanks to this week's contributors:  Anonymous, Gail,  Norm Prince, Teresa, Unknown.

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