05 April 2021

Monday Memories: Tokens

I have a drawer holding coins thrown there on return from a trip. 

It also has a few tokens like the TTC token at the top and the Champlain Bridge token below it—relics of times I lived in Toronto and Montreal. 
The Dawson City token is from my only trip there—on business.
The others didn't ring any bells with me when I found them in the collection.
With the 1776 date, the one on the left must be from the US.
The next two rows down are from various provinces with the date they entered Confederation. 
At the foot are two with the names Mackenzie and de la Salle. 

Do you have any of those in the lower three rows? If so please let me know about them.

Unless anything else surfaces this will finish the Monday Memories series.

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James R. Carcary said...

I recognized those Provincial Tokens as I had the set and a display holder for them. But I think it broke and was thrown out.

I used Google and I found a website that describes them as being given out by Shell with gas purchases between 1965 and 1968.


I always enjoy your blog. Thanks for keeping it interesting.