Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Canada 150: hearing with LAC

The House of Commons Canadian Heritage Committee met on Tuesday morning continuing with the early stages of its study of Canada’s 150th anniversary. The witnesses were from the National Film Board of Canada and Library and Archives Canada (Daniel Caron).

From the opening statements made on behalf of both organizations it was clear that neither have specific plans for 2017. They spent their time describing their programs, directions, and how those equip the organization to contribute to the celebration.

Planning for the 150th is desirable, but we should be realistic about what is possible. Looking back to the 50th anniversary of Confederation, it was a low key affair. Canada was enmeshed in The Great War and there was little appetite for celebration while Canadians were dying in France and Belgium. Also the Centre Block of the parliament building lay in ashes. None of that was anticipated in December 1911. Are we any better today at predicting the situation in 2017?

The bulk of the questions from committee members were to the representatives of the National Film Board.

You should be able to listen to the 110 minute session from http://www.parl.gc.ca/CommitteeBusiness/CommitteeMeetings.aspx?Mode=1&ControlCallback=pvuWebcast&Parl=41&Ses=1&Organization=CHPC&MeetingNumber=17&Language=E&NoJavaScript=true

Daniel Caron's opening statement runs from about 12 minutes into the recording to 24 minutes.

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Mike More said...

John, barring a major war or other catastrophe, Ottawa Branch will be hosting the OGS Conference 2107 in Ottawa. Don't ask about speakers for a couple of years :-)