Friday, 2 December 2011

ACOM finishes November on an uptick

ACOM,'s stock, has had a rough year.

From a high near $45 at the beginning of August the price settled below $30 in mid-September.

It was mostly a no cheerfulness November on stock markets, with ACOM sharing in the ride. It traded between $22 and $25 managing to gain 80c on the 30th in a positive market. It lost half that gain on December 1st.

The third quarter financial report issued at the end of October saw subscribers increase 24% , and revenues increase 30% year-over-year.

Less encouraging is that subscriber churn was 4.2%, the fourth highest, and subscriber acquisition cost the second highest in the company history of 13 quarters.

Analysts continue to rate the stock a strong buy, or buy. Interestingly that's an opinion that hasn't changed since 3 months ago when the stock peaked at twice the current price!

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