31 December 2011

Thanks to contributors for 2011

Thanks to everyone who helped and encouraged this year by posting comments, questions, providing information, or publicizing the blog, including;

Aillin, Alison, Amy, Angela, Ann, Anne, Anonymous, Astrid, Audrey, Bankie, Barb, Barbara, Belinda, Bill, Bob, Brenda, Brian, Bryan, Canadarod, Cannuk, Carol, Caroline, cassmob, Chris, Christine, Darryl, David, Debbie, Del, Dick, Don, Dorothy, Ed, Elisabeth, Elizabeth, Ellen, Emerging Writer, Eric, Family Tree Sleuth, Geniaus, Glenn, Gordon, Grandma Shirley, Jean, Guido, Gwyneth, Harry, Heather, Helen, Hugh, Ian, ibks, iw.gen, J, J Brian, Jane, Janet, jennywrennz, Jenny4275, Jeri, Jim's Girl, Joan, Joanne, London Remembers, Judy, Julie, Ken, kewbird, Kirsty, Laura, LDC, Leighann, Lesley, Linda, Lisa, Liz, Louis, Lynda, Lynne, Malcolm, Marcus, Margaret, Marian, Marion, marjorea, Mary Anne, Mary Caroline, M C Moran, Mel, MerRhosyn, MHD, Mick, Mike, Nathan, Nicki, Old Census Scribe, Pam(ela), Pat, Patricia, Paul, Penske, Persephone, Peter, Phil, Pierce, PJAdams1994, Randy, Rick, Ros, Roy, Sandra, Saskatchewan Genealogical Society, Sharon, Sherry, Shirley, Stephanie, Steve, Susan, Thomas, Tom, Tony, treesrch, Unknown, Wallace, wanderinggenealogist, Wayne, William.

Also, a blog is nothing without readers. Thank you and a Happy New Year to all.

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Eric Moore said...

And many thanks to you, John, for the blog and its multi-faceted and always interesting contents.

A Very Happy New Year to you.

The Best Aye! / A la bonne vôtre!