Sunday, 11 December 2011

More on naming the Ottawa main archives building

A previous post summarized the situation regarding finding a name for the building which houses the new main City Archives.

This late in the process options for further input are limited. However, the city policy is clear: "The City of Ottawa is committed to citizen engagement and supports petitions as one tool for citizens to have input into Council’s decision making process."

At Saturday's meeting of the British Isles Family History Society of Greater Ottawa a petition was circulated, not formally endorsed by the Society, regarding the naming.

Whereas: the building housing the main city archives at 100 Tallwood Drive is proposed to be named for James Bartleman, who has made substantial contributions to Canada and Ontario; and
Whereas: that building should be named for a person or persons with a strong connection to the history and heritage of Ottawa, a criterion not met by the proposal.
I/We the undersigned, petition the Council of the City of Ottawa:to seek a more suitable name through a fully open and transparent process.  
The petition is signed by 103 people with perhaps a few more coming.

During the city official consultation period 86 responses were received, of which 39 were disqualified as not focusing on the intended purpose of the consultation, at least to some extent. That would include responses that proposed another name.

Of the remaining 47 responses in the city consultation 32 supported the Bartleman proposal. In this petition more than three times that number found it inappropriate to the function of the building.

The issue of naming the building is on the agenda for the Ottawa City Council meeting on Wednesday, 16 December.

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Eric Moore said...


The petition circulated during yesterday's BIFHSGO Meeting did not reach us before we had to leave.

Please include our names as supporters of that petition.

Thank you,

Eric Moore and Louise Demers-Moore