07 December 2011

Use Ctrl-F to making finding easy

I was surprised to read in the My Heritage blog that 90% of people don't use the Ctrl-F command to find items on a web page. It's something I use every day.

To see how this works, hold down the Ctrl button, the Command button if you use a Mac, and press F. When the box appears  type in your search term. Try typing the word useful, then click to start the search.  Scroll through the hits highlighted in the text until you come to the hidden one. Then highlight that whole line.

There are other useful Ctrl commands covered in the My Heritage blog post.


Persephone said...

Words cannot express how grateful I am for this tip. For years, I'd been using Hugh Reekie's fabulous suggestion of the "cache" option, but recently that option disappeared, possibly because I use Firefox. I've since learned how to locate "cache" in Firefox search results, but no highlighted search terms! Thank you so much, really!!!

Lisa Wallen Logsdon said...

Oh! my! gosh! Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU! I have chrome and had added the ff (find on page) extension which, in my opinion, is not all that user friendly. Ctrl-F will now get a workout on my computer and I will remove that extension pronto! Geeze...I can't believe I didn't know this long ago. I'm going to go look for your other Ctrl tips now...what else am I missing?