Monday, 19 December 2011

Chris Paton commits blogicide

I admire the genealogy blogging and writing that Chris Paton does.  Since I first discovered his Scottish GENES blog, I don't think that was the original name, I've witnessed Chris working hard to bring us news from Scotland with frequent excursions to Ireland and England.  He has built his business through books, columns and lectures.

Some while ago he polled his readers asking if he should expand the scope of the blog beyond Scotland, and then had to report his blog readers didn't want that. I felt at the time that wasn't Chris's preference, so wasn't surprised when a little later he opened another blog, British GENES. Often the same items ran in both.

Now Chris has announced he's closing Scottish GENES and will post every thing that would have been in Scottish GENES there, at

Read more about this change at the last post on Scottish GENES.

The link in the left hand column is now to British GENES so you can go there directly for my site.


Chris Paton said...

Thanks John - worth pointing out that I actually work predominantly as a family history researcher - my research service is available at

May seek counselling for the blogicide!


GeniAus said...

I remember that incident.

Today I was searching for something completely different and came across your term Blogicide. I just had to add it to the Geneadictionary. Post scheduled.