15 December 2011

British Newspaper Archive - update

On release of the British Newspaper Archive we were promised 8,000 new pages a day. They've been doing better. From 9,695 pages added the first day they averaged 9,853 pages per day in the first two weeks of December.

There are now 176 titles in the collection, 52 issues of the Coventry Herald and 53 of the Whitstable Times and Herne Bay Herald have been added. 77 other papers have issues added, the largest number being for:

 London Daily News  2840
 Aberdeen Journal  2221
 Hampshire Telegraph  1932
 Derby Mercury  1278
 Nottingham Evening Post 1184
 Worcester Journal  1183
 Norfolk Chronicle  835
 Bristol Mercury  800
 Morning Chronicle  760
 Freeman's Journal  727

On average there are 5.7 pages per issue in the added issues indicating a lot of four page papers at this stage.

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