Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Dick Eastman on "The Family History World in 10 Years Time"

If you're interested in the future of genealogy, or family history, I recommend taking an hour to listen to this presentation given earlier this month by Dick Eastman to the Massachusetts Society of Genealogists, Inc.
The full title of the presentation is the Family History World in 10 Years Time: Changing research trends, a changing audience, and being "online all the time" with handheld devices.

The video is available until January 14th, view it here.  Use the password "MSOG". 

It's an audience friendly presentation. I don't think Dick has everything right, and suspect he agrees. Prediction is a precarious business. Perhaps as a former weather forecaster I can say that with some authority! 

I think Dick missed out in not mentioning DNA until asked during the question period; made no mention of newspapers even though he pointed out that younger genealogists are more interested in stories than pedigrees, and neglected to mention the possibility of computer interpretation of handwriting.

Dick certainly challenges some of the lethargy and myopic approaches that pervade some of our societies. I recommend taking the time to view it.

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