Thursday, 1 November 2012

Canada, War Graves Registers: Circumstances of Casualty, 1914-1948

A previous Ancestry collection titled “Canada, CEF Burial Registers, 1914-1919” with records for soldiers of the Canadian Expeditionary Force (CEF) who died during the First World War is now updated by adding 27,202 burial records that extend from WWI to WW2.

The new records include:
o   Volumes 239 to 274:  Death and burial of military service personnel in Canada and the United States during the First World War and afterwards.
o   Volumes 275 to 278:  Groups killed in the First World War, including those lost at sea, members of the Siberian Expeditionary Force, enemy aliens interned by Canada, and miscellaneous personnel of the CEF and the Royal Canadian Navy.
o   Volumes 279 to 302:  Second World War service personnel killed in Canada, including personnel involved in the British Commonwealth Air Training Program.

The update adds 27,202 records (55,310 images) for a total of 71,052 records (143,053 images).

Be sure to check the adjacent images and both sides of cards are available.

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