28 November 2012

Appreciation of family historians

Family historians enrich our families and our community life.

Through their many hours of unpaid work, keeping alive family stories and producing heirloom artifacts  they keep families in touch and grounded in their shared heritage. Often that effort goes little appreciated by younger family members busy with the demands of children and work, or youngsters making their way in an difficult environment. Many of us remember being in that situation not so many years ago.

By volunteering in the community with no expectation of reward or recognition, family historians get to be part of a cooperative effort. When one of us is recognized we should celebrate a collective achievement. Without the folk who volunteer in support roles the stars would not shine.

In BIFHSGO we've just lost two devoted members, Betty Burrows and Tom Rimmer, who contributed to the success of the Society as board members. Their major contributions were invisible to many Society members, but they were stars nevertheless.

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