13 November 2012

Ancestry adds Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Index to Cemeteries, 1890-1987

You can now get direct access to 64,077 index entries for cemetery records of Edmonton, Alberta, through an Ancestry search. The index entry returned gives name, burial date and cemetery. Then follow the link to the external City of Edmonton site for further information.


Persephone said...

I've just located the graves of my late father-in-law's first wife and child. Thanks for this.

Persephone said...

On the topic of Alberta cemeteries, I wonder if some of your readers might be interested in the site Prairie Souls. This web site was put together by a lovely lady named Nelda Burwash, and she's taken pictures of gravestones in cemeteries in north-east Alberta and a few in Saskatchewan. If your readers have ancestors in the Albertan counties of Bonnyville, Lamont, Smoky Lake, St Paul, Strathcona, Sturgeon, or Two Hills, or in the Saskatchewan municipalities of Eye Hill or Senlac, they might find some relevant images, not only of gravestones, but some views of the cemeteries as well. I was delighted to find the grave of two key ancestors in my husband's tree.