10 November 2012

Ancestry updates Liverpool Catholic record collection

Ancestry's database of Catholic church records for Liverpool, Lancashire, has been updated.

Baptisms, 1802-1906, 475,547 records

Confirmations, 1813-1920, 80,889 records

Marriages, 1754-1921, 132,996 records
Burials, 1813-1988, 619,201 records.

This is a database of particular interest to those of Irish origin given the numbers who fled to Liverpool in the late 1840s.

Over the famine period the number of baptisms and marriages recorded rose fairly steadily from 4,253/644 in 1844 to 7,755/1,760 in 1854 as the population increased. The number of burials reached a peak of 2,570 in 1847 then decreased to 1,191 in 1850 as if the famine had advanced the death for the most vulnerable. Burials rose again to exceed the 1847 peak in 1852 and thereafter.

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