07 November 2012

Riding a Crest

Today is my mother's birthday, the first since she passed away. In remembrance her is one of her many poems.

Riding a Crest
 When you wake to the chirrup of birds at dawn
As they call up the sun to a golden morn;
When your head is clear and your step has a spring
And you're ready for anything fate may bring.
 When the morning air insights you to sing
And your eyes seek beauty in everything;
When your mind is free and your heart aglow
With a feeling of love for friend and foe.
 When the sun sinking down in a fiery blaze
Leaves the western sky in a spectrum haze;
And a full moon waits in the fading light
To rise in glory and clothe the night.
 When the chirruping swallows are ready for rest
And one by one they fly to the nest;
The evening air is a soothing balm;
And the body is tired and the soul is calm...
 This is a day you are riding the crest
Of a wave, and living is at its best.
This item is copyright Dorothy Reid, 2012. All rights reserved.

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Gina said...

Thank you.