16 November 2012

McGill University War Records digitized

McGill University now has war records online by name or browse the alphabetical list. The collection contains 6,617 index cards and more than 3,000 files containing newspaper clippings, correspondence and about 700 photos, documenting the involvement of McGill faculty, students, alumni, and staff during WWII.
The digitization was conducted largely by graduate-level students from McGill’s School of Information Studies.
This record collection is part of McGill Remembers.
McGill is now digitizing the 1926 commemorative volume, McGill Honour Roll 1914-1918, that will be online in early 2013. That publication is already digitized by Early Canadiana Online. Everyone can view the first few pages here; ECO subscribers have full access.

Thanks to Gail Dever for pointing out information at the QFHS website.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this link about the McGill Remembers project. I was a student there decades ago, and I knew many stories told by medical faculty who had been actively involved as medics in WW II. I looked up the files for these people, witnesses to history. Their first hand experiences were sometimes too sad to talk about.