24 November 2012

Is this LAC notice helpful?

If you've been to the LAC website(s) lately you'll have seen the notice:

In order to provide you with better service, we are currently redesigning our website. If you have difficulty finding what you are looking for, feel free to contact us.
Most organizations would find a way to change their site without subjecting clients to "difficulty".

Most organizations would recognize that you go to the web for quick information.What's the help you get when you click contact us?
"We will answer most questions in 2 to 30 working days" 


Cecil Turcotte said...

I would like to see the restoration of a catalogue link on the front page. Searching through several unrelated pages hoping to stumble across the catalogue tends not to be 'helpful'

Archivus said...

One hopes that the "new" website is more user-friendly than the mish-mash that is offered now. I wonder if the website designers at LAC look at other sites for ideas. If so, they may want to look at the Archives of Ontario. The AO website has been recently re-designed and it is clear, easy to use and informative. The website for The National Archives of the United Kingdom is also an excellent example of what can be done to inform and even entice users to explore their holdings.