Monday, 9 November 2015

Gresham College presentation: The King in the Car Park: The Discovery and Identification of Richard III

When I saw that Professor Kevin Schurer was giving this presentation, covering some of the same ground that I do in my talk on Richard III, I wondering how it would differ.

The summary of Schurer's talk is:
This lecture will focus on discussion of the archaeological dig, how this progressed, and the archaeological evidence for the remains being those of Richard. I will then move on to the lab-based work (radio carbon, isotropic analysis, scoliosis investigation, battle wounds, etc), and consider the DNA analysis and the search for living relatives and the reconstruction of Richard's kin network. I will end with an overall assessment of the evidence, taken together, of the remains being those of Richard III.
Schurer's presentation goes in depth into the research leading to identification of the king but does not not look at the implications regarding using probabilistic approaches in genealogy which is the thrust of my presentation.

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There's also an informative website from the University of Leicester at

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