Wednesday, 25 November 2015

HSO November Meeting: Alexander Mackenzie - Clear Grit

For November the Historical Society of Ottawa meeting welcomes John Morgan on the topic Alexander Mackenzie - Clear Grit
"If Sir John A. Macdonald helped define “what” we are, Alexander Mackenzie, Canada’s stonemason prime minister, helped define “who” we are. Drawing on family, archival and other records, John Morgan will shed some light on the character and accomplishments of Mackenzie, along with the influences that propelled him from his humble beginnings to the highest position in the land. This will begin with his early childhood in Scotland; immigration to Canada with his sweetheart; tragedies and triumphs as a young husband and stonemason in Upper Canada West; early political activities; time as prime minister; and later political years in opposition. In many respects, Alexander Mackenzie was the antithesis of Macdonald. Known for his utmost honesty, integrity and hard work, Mackenzie sought no recognition or reward for himself. A devout Baptist, he fought passionately for equality, democracy, the rule of law, and, honesty in government. A champion of Canada’s rights as a nation, Mackenzie declined three offers of knighthood, and almost came to blows with the Queen’s representative to Canada. Described at the time as “one of the truest and strongest characters to be met within Canadian history” and “the best debater the House of Commons has ever known”, his is a compelling story of duty and honour."
The date is 27 November at 1pm. As usual, the location is the Routhier Community Centre, 172 Gigues Ave, Ottawa. Further information at Everyone welcome. 

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