Friday, 6 November 2015

LAC adds database Immigrants to Canada, Porters and Domestics, 1899-1949

Library and Archives Canada now provides access to 8,653 index references to names of domestics and some Black porters who arrived in Canada between 1899 and 1949.

The database includes names indexed from:

Girls' Friendly Society Fonds (MG28 I349)

Immigration Branch, Central Registry Files (RG76 BIA) including

  • Benjamin Pipe, Wapella, Assiniboia, proposes bringing out from England, girls as domestic servants, 1905-1911
  • C.O. Swanson, Waterville, Quebec; Immigration of domestic servants from Scandinavia, 1905-1910
  • Canadian Pacific Railway requests admissions of coloured porters (Blacks), 1931-1949
  • Coloured domestics from Guadeloupe, 1910-1928 
  • Selected parties of domestics sent by the Women's Branch of Colonization and Development Department. Colonel J.S. Dennis, CPR, Montreal, Quebec, 1924-1937Mrs. Helen Sanford, bonus on domestics, Girls Home of Welcome, 1898-1907
The Immigration Branch index entries are linked to the appropriate digital microfilm at but not to the exact image.

Find detailed information at and search from

I'm told LAC has some long-awaited home child databases coming imminently.

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