Thursday, 26 November 2015

London, Watermen's records added at Findmypast

This week's additions at Findmypast are:

London, Watermen's petition for the King Charles I, 1648, a transcript for each of the 2,000 signees that lists their name, gender, the date they signed.

London, Watermen, birth register of contracted men, 1865-1921, a list of over 1,400 apprentices of the Worshipful Company of Waterman and Lighterman.

London, Watermen, Admiralty muster of the Port of London, 1628 is a register of employees of the Watermen Company who were considered for impressment into the Royal Navy recording the individual's name, age, number of naval voyages completed up to that time, residence and in some cases additional notes. There are 2,393 entries.

London, Watermen in Royal Navy, 1803-1809 consists of transcripts created from two nineteenth century documents held at the London Metropolitan Archives. 'Alphabetical list of Watermen in the Navy with the names of the ships on which they were serving when last heard of by their relatives' includes the names of 525 watermen, the names of the ships they served on and how many guns were on each vessel. Some entries include a waterman's rank and date of arrival on the ship. 'Alphabetical list of 105 members of the company killed in action in the Navy, or invalided in that service, naming their ships' lists the names of watermen who were discharged invalided, taken prisoner in France or killed in action.

London, Watermen, list of free watermen, 1827 is a 'mini census' of watermen that lists individuals' names and ages. The term 'free waterman' referred to members of the Worshipful Company of Waterman and Lighterman who had completed their apprenticeship and had been awarded "Freedom of the Company". More than 5,400 names are recorded on individual transcripts including the Freeman's name, birth year, age, the year they were added to the list and any additional notes.

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