Monday, 2 November 2015

1939 National Registration: a first look

I've had only a few minutes with Findmypast's new database the 1939 National Registration for England and Wales.  There's a good explanation of the contents and capabilities at

My father would not be recorded as he was at sea. Apparently there are no updates to the records included.
My mother is missing, likely deceased too recently for her information to be revealed. I eventually found her mother using a search on birth date, the first name was recorded as ~???, not how I knew her.
It will be interesting to see if my mother's information becomes available when her 100th birthday arrives in a few days. Information for my uncle, a WW2 casualty, is redacted even though he's in the CWGC database.

Reactions online vary from joy at finding so much, satisfaction that the free information from a search was all that was needed, to disappointment there was nothing new, to anger at having to pay extra.


Take advantage of the free advanced search. My search for Oswald G Reid born in 1886 found the Reid Household in Wanstead and Woodford M.B., Essex, England with "2 more people on the record". There was a TNA reference RG101/1158D/019/37.

Using the advanced search for Reid in Wanstead and Woodford gave 34 results. Entering the Piece Number 1158D and Item Number 019 reduced it to just two Reid hits. Without specifying Reid but with the TNA reference there were 38 hits and the possibility of recognizing a Reid relative's name.

A search for my step-great-grandfather last name Cochrane found him with a mangled first name in the Farndale household. Searching Farndale with the TNA reference was helpful.

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Susan Gail Roger said...

I forked out some cash to choose the "five household bundle", which will have to do for now. Had no trouble locating my five families, but I find that getting a look at the original is essential to get correct addresses and occupations. As with Ancestry, there are loads of transcription problems. Example: my husband's paternal grandfather was a courier and guide, *not* a "concert guide".