Tuesday, 3 November 2015

What's online from TNA and partners?

The UK National Archives now has over 5% of  records digitised with more coming. With an ever growing collection it's easy to overlook things.

TNA has a page, here, with 65 guides to records available online at their site or through partners. Find a description, whether all records are viewable online and the partner, Ancestry, Findmypast or BMD Registers supplying online access.

It's worth browsing the list, it's only 65 items; you can also filter by topic such as First World War which has 30 guides.

Online records is just one of the categories of guides available. Explore further by choosing another category from the drop-down menu under "Refine results for." You'll find 205 guides available for "Family History" which may also be filtered to help you find a collection of interest - most not online.

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