Monday, 29 February 2016

TheGenealogist adds World War 2 POW records

The following is a press release from TheGenealogist

World War 2 Prisoners Of War

Leading British Genealogy Website, TheGenealogist, has added over 150,000 World War II Prisoner of War records to its already significant military records collection. These new records detail Officers and other ranks from the British Army, Royal Navy, RAF and those members of the British Empire land forces that were held as Prisoners of War in Germany and German Occupied territories.

This release will allow researchers to discover servicemen held by the Germans between 1939-1945 and includes many of the brave escapees whose stories of breaking out and dashing to freedom have captured the imagination for decades.

These records allow us to:

Research POWs who served in Armies and other land forces of Britain and the Empire 1939-45 along with the Naval and Air Forces of Great Britain and the Empire 1939-1945
Find names and details of men who were captured and incarcerated in German POW camps in Europe
Check the details such as names, service numbers, and regiments of ancestors that were German POWs
Search for daring escapees from within the camp lists
Research where your military ancestors were held, revealing their camp number and location
Discover the ranks, POW numbers, Service numbers and Regiments of those held

Covering the Nazi German camps in Europe, these lists are taken from official alphabetical nominal registers and reveal names and other particulars of:
94,608 British POWs in Germany, including Officers and other ranks
39,805 POWs from Empire Land Forces
19,250 Naval & Air Force POWs from Britain & its Empire

Joining an already comprehensive range of military records on TheGenealogist that span from 1661 to the 1940s, these lists are a useful addition for researchers. TheGenealogist’s military collections already include Army, Navy and Air Force Lists, Dambuster records, First World War POWs, plus many other records.

Examining some of the names of Prisoners of War released online at allows us to uncover the brave and determined Allied servicemen who made escape attempts from the Nazi German PoW Camps.  One brave serviceman, although hampered by being a double amputee from an air accident from before the war, still did his duty to try and escape.


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