Monday, 22 February 2016

How will LAC archive Canada's news?

This post was prompted by a blog post From print to digital from Luke McKernan of the British Library. Its last paragraph is
However long it takes, time is running out for print newspapers. It will be our job to ensure that we continue to serve the needs of UK research by increasingly gathering news in its digital forms. We need a smooth transition, with consistency of representation. The challenge is that the mechanisms to do so are not fully in place as yet. The technologies are; the means to ensure capture, identification and continuity are not. But we're working on it.  
So the British Library is struggling, but at least they're working on it. What about Library and Archives Canada? How will it continue to meet its mandated obligation to to preserve the documentary heritage of Canada.

Last I heard LAC has no newspaper archivist/curator. Lacking that who is looking to how LAC handles a transition to digital in news? How is it being dealt with? What's the approach? Or are we on the path to a dark age in Canadian news archives?


Pierce Reid said...

Does the technology exist to automatically capture the tablet version of the news? And will anyone be able to view it current tablets are no longer?

John McConkey said...

I don't understand the problem. I've been reading the Ottawa Citizen on my tablet for more than 2 years. All other Canadian newspapers surely provide the same service. It's unthinkable that this digital information would not be archived. Where does Library and Archives come into the picture other than gaining access to these archives?

JDR said...

It's not clear there is an online version as increasingly what you see is tailored to individual interests. Then there's the question of frequent updating of online material, it's not just a daily edition anymore.
Are e-versions subject to legal deposit?
If it's technically possible is it being done?
Without a newspaper archivist who is the champion within LAC so that LAC meets its mandate?
Can we rely of the corporate world to maintain a comprehensive archive which will be available indefinitely?