Wednesday, 24 February 2016

LAC blog and an 1885 eclipse

Library and Archives Canada posted an item Captain James Peters: War correspondent and photographer on their blog. Peters was part of the contingent that when to suppress the Northwest Rebellion (or Resistance) in 1885. The blog links to some images he took while on that mission which will be of interest to those with ancestors who served with  “A” Battery of the Canadian Artillery and associated troops, Also some taken images taken at other times.

Browsing through those I came across "An Eclipse of the Sun / "Jake" Observing / To the Officers Quarters / Toll Gate" from R2547-34-5-E. Volume/box number: 5504.

The image on the right, "Jake" observing appears to show a man looking directly at the sun through a telescope - ouch!

Zooming in on the image on the left produced this fuzzy image of a partial eclipse.

Googling found there were two solar eclipses that year, in March and September. The second image shows a lot of snow - typical for March in Quebec City.

That eclipse was on 16 March 1885 visible as a partial eclipse in Quebec City.

Checking out the eclipse animation for Quebec City at shows the moon traversing the upper part of the sun meaning this image is inverted. It would appear the image was from about 19:00 UT (GMT) or 2 pm.

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