Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Switched or Switching to Windows 10?

Microsoft has now upgraded the Windows 10 update from an "optional" update to a "recommended". To avoid moving to Windows 10, unless you want to or it hasn't already been forced on you, check your Windows Update settings under Control Panel > Systems and Security > Review Your Computer's Status . Look for Windows Update > Change Settings and select the desired option. There is probably and easier way.
This morning, 3 February, 42% of the last 500 visitors to this blog were using Windows 7, 15% OS X and 12% Windows 10. Let's see how effective the forced upgrade proves to be.
John McConkey, BIFHSGO computer guru, who wrote to let me know about this switch gives another hint:

Windows systems no longer ship with "recovery disks". It's up to you to create these yourself. Better still you can use a USB thumb drive. Search for "Recovery Media Creator" and follow the straightforward process to backup your operating system. This can get you up and going if your hard drive fails or get you back from Windows 10 to what you had before. I think you're only allowed 3 months to revert if you upgrade to Windows 10 unless you have a recovery drive. 
Thanks for the advice John

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Unknown said...

You have to wonder who is paying Microsoft to push Win10 so aggressively and For Free. We already know a bit about the surveillance "features" of Win10 (called "telemetry" by Microsoft) and I wonder what else is in there to make Microsoft so insistent that we all use Win10.