03 February 2016

News on Family Tree Maker

When Ancestry announced it was ending sales of its Family Tree Maker software at the end of December I pointed out that for current users"We have a year to decide how to adapt." There was no need to make a hasty decision to switch.
Now Ancestry is out with news that FTM is being sold to Software MacKiev and it will continue to have all the familiar capability.
They also announce that RootsMagic will also develop the capability to access Ancestry hints, Ancestry searches, and the ability to save your tree on Ancestry.
Ancestry asks for patience as they work through all the details to make these solutions available.
All this suggests to me the FTM users should continue to watch and wait. There may well be yet other options for those who want to stay with desktop software, or you can always go with a cloud-hosted solution.

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