Friday, 19 February 2016

Patrick’s Family History Group presentation: Rollin' on the River with Captain Dan

On Monday evening in Arnprior Christine Jackson will be presenting her research into a pioneering Canadian family with deep roots in England, who gave their name to the Champlain Park (Ottawa) street on which she has lived for nearly 30 years―Cowley Avenue.

Christine will trace the early Ottawa Valley history of the entrepreneurial and pioneering riverboat captain, Captain Daniel Keyworth Cowley—and his connection with Champlain’s iconic lost astrolabe. She will reveal his family’s role in the Valley’s history and economic development, as well as their surprising and great contribution to Canada’s national winter game.

Patrick’s Family History Group will meet on Monday at 7pm at the Arnprior Library, 21 Madawaska St., Arnprior, Ont.

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BANKIE said...

My McGONIGAL YDNA relatives live in Arnprior,they have quite a history there as well...I'll forward this to them...There are two Streets named McGonigal in Arnprior.
Frank McGonigal