Friday, 12 February 2016

RootsTech: too much of a good thing

My first trip, and last, to RootsTech was in 2013 and although enjoyable it was rather overwhelming. That's also the word John Grenham used in reporting on his trip just ended.

What's the problem?

The cost and hassle of getting to and returning from Salt Lake City,
The largely US orientation of the opening keynote sessions
Choosing one of the 15+ parallel session presentations to attend;
Fighting the crowds, 25,000 in attendance, to make your way to a presentation room, if you can find it before it fills up;
The  US/LDS orientation of much of the content
The hype

The pluses for me were:

Some of the more technical sessions, which were not well publicized.
One on one sessions with some other attendees, and with a few of the marketplace exhibitors.

As for presentations, I'll be happy instead with webinars and local opportunities.

So this year I've saved US dollars and will do my spending in UK pounds at WDYTYA? Live which is a more manageable scale, and one I can combine with a family visit.


Peggy Homans Chapman said...

Have never been but this post absolutely reinforces my image - you don't have to be there to see the hype especially leading up to the event. I usually agree with your perspective John Reid so will add this to #Top10reasonsnottogotoRootstech.

Peggy Homans Chapman said...

Have never gone to Rootstech and always had the impression John Reid gives here- hype and all about the US. As I usually agree with Anglo-Celtic Connections perspective, will add this to #Top10reasonsnottogotoRootstech.