Tuesday, 15 November 2016

PDHS November Meeting: The Role of the Church in Early Perth, and of the Perth Legion

The following is posted for the Perth & District Historical Society

For our November 17 meeting - which is also the final of our 200th Anniversary series - Perth and District Historical Society will have two presentations:  the first on the important role of the church in early Perth and the second on Perth's Royal Canadian Legion.  

Our first presenter for the evening will be John Fowler, Chair of the Society, on the development of church life in the early days of Perth within the context of the society and culture of the new community, with reference to his own family in the town from 1816 to the present.  John Fowler was born in Perth in 1935, the sixth generation of his family to live in the town.  Following attendance at the local schools, he studied chemical engineering at the U. of T. before transferring to Trinity College, and graduating with a B.A. in Modern History.  

John then attended Oxford University, where he read Theology, and graduated with a B.A. and then M.A., in 1961 and 1962, respectively.  He obtained his D.D. in 1980 from Trinity College, and was ordained in the Anglican Church in 1961, serving as an Anglican minister until retiring in 2000.   Since returning to Perth, John has been involved with heritage issues, serving on various boards – including the Museum, Inge Va, and Heritage Advisory Board.  He and his wife, Hilary, live in Perth.  

John Gemmell, our second presenter, had a career of service to Canada – with 14 years in the RCN and 27 years in the OPP, retiring as sergeant in 2007.  Further service has been on Perth Town Council (as Councillor and, presently, Deputy Mayor) and, also, Warden of Lanark County.  He is an active member of the Perth Legion, serving as President (and Past President), 1st Vice President, Chair of the Branch Executive, and Curator of the Hall of Remembrance Military Museum.  John and his wife Anne live in Perth.  

John will discuss the origins and a brief history of the Royal Canadian Legion, leading to the local branch, Perth- Upon-Tay, with a special reference to the wonderful Hall of Remembrance.  Continuing the theme of Remembrance Day, the presentation will include a military memorial video of fallen comrades, and, also, an interesting display of artifacts drawn from the Hall, relating to Perth’s history from a military perspective.  

Please join us for this final meeting of our 200th Anniversary celebration,
at Perth's Royal Canadian Legion, home of the Hall of Remembrance,
26 Beckwith Street E., Perth, at 7:30pm (Toonie donation).

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