Monday, 21 November 2016

Further Genetic Genealogy Ireland presentations on YouTube

Y-SNPs: Key to the future (Robert Casey)
The explosion of Y-SNPs is having a major impact on Surname Projects. Robert explores how Y-SNPs can be used to determine when Y-STR matches are not actually related. Y-STR “signatures” are covered in depth and how these signatures can be used to determine relatedness and predict Y-SNPs which in turn reduces Y-SNP testing costs. The availability of this new and ever-increasing body of Y-DNA data now allows the creation of reasonably accurate genetic descendant charts by extending Y-STR signatures into the genealogical time frame.


Connecting your DNA to the Ancient Irish Annals (Maurice Gleeson)
Maurice set out to connect his Gleeson “Clan” to the Ancient Irish Annals, only to be confronted with a variety of different hurdles and challenges. The same obstacles are likely to be encountered by many genealogists and DNA Project Administrators attempting to achieve the same objective and Maurice discusses some hints and tips on how to approach these genealogical conundrums.

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