01 November 2016

Ancestry.ca on Twitter

Lesley Anderson emailed to tell me she and the Media Profile team have opened a Twitter stream for Ancestry.ca.

We hope that @AncestryCA will become your trusted source for curated genealogy, Canadian history and DNA-related news shared through a uniquely Canadian lens, sprinkled in with some fun facts, good humour, and captivating images. We’ll also be sure to keep our followers updated on the latest Ancestry news.

Furthermore, we hope to create and grow a community where we can learn from each other and celebrate family history together.
We encourage you to follow us at: www.twitter.com/AncestryCA and join in the conversation on launch date.  
Twitter is an essential resource. For example, when no feed of the Queen's Lecture given by Dr Turi King appeared on the page I linked in a previous blog post I searched Twitter and found an alternate link which worked. If you missed it the presentation was much like that in the YouTube video below.

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