Friday, 18 November 2016

Ancestry Update Ottawa Journal BMD Notices

One can never be sure whether Ancestry's dataset updates are major or minor. Even if it's the former with the recent update it's worth reminding researchers of the Ottawa area that with 1,496,763 birth, marriage, death, and even engagement, notices the Ottawa Journal on Ancestry is a significant resource.
Only the notices appear to have been indexed. It may be there is further information elsewhere in the paper which can be browsed with an subscription.
The whole OCRd newspaper, from 1885 to 1980, can be searched at without a subscription the free result may be enough to point you to where to browse to on Ancestry,ca/.
The Ottawa Journal was made available to Ancestry through the City of Ottawa Archives and the Ancestry version is available there as well as through Ancestry Library at many if not most public libraries..

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